ISLAMABAD: Justice Azmat Saeed Khosa has remarked that if metro train can be constructed  in year 1863 in certain countries of the world then why can it not   be constructed in year 2017 in Pakistan  ?
 Will we continue to seek  one report after another. If parties object to second report then will  we summon  third  report and this  way an interminable  process  will start, he further observed. 
He remarked first of all we have to prove that what is missing in previous  reports.
Supreme Court (SC) larger bench presided over by Justice Ejaz Afzal and comprising, Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed, Justice Maqbool Baqar, Justice Ijaz ul Ahsan, and Justice Mazhar Alam took up the case  for hearing on Wednesday.
During the course of hearing, Khawaja Harris, Counsel for LDA took the plea that green belt alongside Chauburji was constructed in 1995.
Justice Ejaz Afzal remarked that how the vibration produced by metro train would be absorbed? As the traffic load on all sides of Metro track is heavier   then how much the traffic around it will be affected by this metro train project.
LDA counsel said that in order to absorb vibration, Chinese scientific procedure will be adopted. 
Justice Baqar inquired that how much time the second train  will take to come after  passing of  first one? 
Khawaja said that after every five minutes, a new train will come.
Justice Baqar again inquired if  metro orange train will run  for 24 hours? Khawaja Harris said that it will run for 16 hours.
Justice Baqar remarked that it means train will remain shut for 8 hours. Is it the decision of administration to run train for  16 hours ?
Justice Sheikh Azmat Remarked that if train  passes outside then will its vibration be felt  inside the court room of SC registry Lahore?
A video of metro track was also shown through drone camera in the court.
NESPAK counsel Shahid Hamid said that we will be able to see the wonderful scene of Shalimar Garden while sitting in Train.
Justice Baqir  remarked that wonderful view will  be seen after paying off money. 
Justice Ijaz  remarked if the height of orange line is more than metro bus service?
Counsel for NESPAK said that metro bus service height is more  than orange train. The total cost  of Lahore metro bus is lower than  Peshawar Metro bus.
LDA counsel said that no damage will be caused to building of high court or SC due to vibration of train. 
The court has adjourned the hearing till Thursday.