ISLAMABAD: A petition has been filed in Supreme Court seeking ban on  fake peers across Pakistan including the Peer allegedly involved in  murder of 20 people in Sargodha and legislation in the field of spirituality.

All four provincial governments,  federal government , Pakistan Press Council, and PEMRA have been  made respondents  in the petition.

Chairman Insaf Welfare Trust Muhammad Aslam Khaki filed a petition in SC seeking imposition of  ban on fake peers all over the  country and enactment of legislation in the field of spirituality on Friday.

The petitioner took the plea that those fake Peers who lack knowledge of Shariah,  are  causing loss of life as well as financial loss to innocent people in the name of spiritual healing.

The petitioner cited the alleged involvement of a fake peer in killings of  20 people in a shrine at Sargodha.

It was stated in the application that under article 9 of the constitution government is responsible for protecting the life and property of people. This  department of spirituality is causing huge loss to the people due to lack of interest on the part of government.  It is binding on the government to bring this department of spirituality in the ambit of rules and regulations like other professional departments, petitioner  pleaded.

Under article 2-A of the constitution  government is bound to provide conducive environment to the people in accordance with their creed and faith, he said.

The petitioner prayed the court to direct the  government  to legislate on this count and  impose ban on fake peers  . It should be  made binding on the media not to publish advertisements of such fake peers, he requested..