ISLAMABAD: After Zardari’s demand, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chairman Imran Khan also asked Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to resign.

“What moral right does Nawaz have to remain premier when a criminal investigation is being launched against him,” the PTI chief said while addressing media soon after the Supreme Court’s verdict on Panamagate case here on Thursday.

Imran had refused to speak to the media earlier while leaving the courtroom after SC gave its verdict ordering a probe into corruption allegations against the premier.
Drawing a comparison between an investigation launched against Uzair Baloch and the premier, Imran said, “If Nawaz is cleared after JIT’s investigation, he can return to the seat.”

Paying tribute to all Supreme Court judges for the verdict, the PTI chairman said, “The verdict is historic because a sitting prime minister has never been investigated before.”
The verdict to form a JIT proves all arguments by Nawaz Sharif were lies, he added.  “The letter from the Qatari prince has already been proven fake,” he added. “Judges have maintained that PM Nawaz should be disqualified,” the PTI chief maintained.
Further, Imran questioned SC’s decision to include NAB official in the JIT saying, “Today, SC said NAB has failed.” “How can all those institutions working under PM apart from ISI, and MI probe him?” he further asked.

 “If PTI workers had not staged a protest in the scorching heat, this verdict would not have come. I pay my tribute to my workers,” he added.

Two judges have given their verdict against the sitting prime minister. I was not expecting more from the SC, he added.

Imran question why PML-N workers were distributing sweets, “I want to ask those who are distributing sweets that what you people are happy for? Are you celebrating because Nawaz has been proven a liar in the SC?”