PYANGANG: North Korea has carried out another ballistic missile test days after a new president took office in the South.

The missile was launched near north-western Kusong, flying hundreds of miles then landing in the Sea of Japan.

It puts immediate pressure on South Korea's President Moon Jae-in, who campaigned on a platform of better engagement with the North.

A series of North Korean missile tests this year has sparked international alarm and raised tensions with the US.

Two missile launches last month both failed, with the rockets exploding just minutes into flight.

After hosting an emergency meeting of his security council, Mr Moon condemned the latest launch as a "provocation".

"The president said while South Korea remains open to the possibility of dialogue with North Korea, it is only possible when the North shows a change in attitude," his spokesman said.

The nature of the launch is still being determined, but analysts have said the test shows a longer range than previously tested devices.

The Japanese defence minister said it fell about 400km (250 miles) from the east coast of North Korea and could be a new type of missile, Reuters reported.

The US Pacific Command said in a statement the type was being assessed but that its flight was not consistent with that of an intercontinental ballistic missile [ICBM], which would have the range to reach the US mainland.

The White House said President Donald Trump "cannot imagine Russia is pleased" because the missile landed not far from Russian territory.

It added that the new launch should serve as a call for stronger sanctions against North Korea.

North Korea is believed to be developing two types of ICBM, but neither has so far been flight tested. China, North Korea's only major ally, called for restraint in the wake of the latest test.