ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) has strongly condemned worst power outages across the country on Tuesday.

According to the statement issued by Central Media Department, Fawad Choudhary has stated that nation is facing worst governance at the hands of the most incompetent and corrupt ‘clique’.

He said that pushing people into the abyss of ignorance and despair, PMLN is still dreaming of sticking to the power shamelessly.

He said that this group of bandits is trying to escape JIT probe under the supervision of Supreme Court.

Fawad Chaudhary added that even after being rebuked by Supreme Court, PMLN won’t refrain from hindering and influencing the investigation process, he added.
People of Pakistan are grateful to Imran Khan for dragging ‘Ali Baba and his children’ in the dock of law.

He said that this unscrupulous gang is trying to blackmail Imran Khan by false litigation in response of questioning the looting and plunder of national resources by Imran Khan, Fawad Choudhary stated.

He further stated that neither this fallacious litigation irked Imran Khan nor it decreased the odds of ‘Ali Baba’.

Fawad Choudhary stated that Imran Khan’s records are clear and free from any suspicion and doubt and added that soon people will witness the triumph of truth.
 In a concluding statement he stated that the court will hold PMLN accountable for robbing the nation, maladministration and worst governance.