KARACHI: More than 40 suspects were nabbed during police search operations in different areas of Karachi.

According to media reports, Police have carried out search operation in different areas of Karachi including Faisal Highway, Orangi Town, Malair, Johar Abad and Jackson and apprehended more than 40 suspicious persons.

Meanwhile, one man was killed while other was injured in a firing incident on Faisal Highway.

Police have also arrested the wife of a Taxi Driver, Maqsood, who was involved in  killing her husband  three years before along with another man Asif.

Suspect Ayesha wanted to marry with Asif after  killing  her  husband.

Meanwhile, 35 suspicious persons have been nabbed during search operation by police and security agencies within the jurisdiction of Paradi Police.

Meanwhile, 9 suspects were held by police along with weapons from the areas of Malair, Johar Abad, Jackson and Orangi involved in different street crimes.