ISLAMABAD: Ex- Principle Information Officer (PIO), Rao Tehseen Ali Khan will file a writ petition before the Islamabad High Court (IHC) today (Monday) to prove his innocence in Dawn leaks.

Former Chairman Senate, Wasim Sajjad will defend Rao Tehseen Ali in the said case while former Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Pervez Rashid has also started mulling to contact IHC before Eid ul Fitr.

In his application, ex-PIO has stated that his services were terminated without showing the final report of the Commission. He was of the view that final report of Commission was mandatory for disciplinary action.

He added he wrote frequently to the establishment division regarding Commission’s report.  

He prayed in the application that there was common perception that stopping of disputed news was among his responsibilities.

According to law and constitution, he said it was not his duty to halt news from publishing.

In his application, he prayed the IHC to summon report of the Commission to exonerate him from this issue.      

Moreover, ex-Federal Minister Pervez Rashid was seriously mulling to contact IHC to remove allegations in Dawn leaks.

A team of renowned lawyers was engaged to file suit before the IHC.

It is worth to mentioning here that Pervez Rashid was among the responsible of Dawn leaks and his services as Federal Minister were withdrawn.

There are sufficient chances that Commission’s report would be unveiled after ex-PIO and federal minister’s filing case before the court.

Rao Tehseen Ali Khan who is senior officer would be retiring after two years and for his further promotion, it is necessary to remove stains of Dawn leaks.

One the other hand, Pervez Rashid will have to prove his innocence if he want to play an effective role in the politics.