LAHORE: Acting Ameer of the  Jamaat e Islami, Liaqat Baloch, has said that if the Prime Minister  and his family were subjected to a real accountability, all those named in the Panama leaks, Dubai Leaks, London Leaks besides those getting heavy bank loans written off would also have to face Ehtisab.

Speaking at an Iftar dinner at Abbotabad on Sunday, he however said that the appearance of the Prime Minister before the investigating team with all his full powers in spite of facing serious charges, , was a joke and the negation of democracy and the rule of law.

He said that the press conferences of the team of ministers and their threats to the JT members could lead the homeland into anarchy.

However, he said that process of accountability had already started and the nation would not allow anyone to obstruct that.  

Liaqat Baloch said that in real democracies, whenever a President, a Prime Minister or a Minister faced any allegation of moral or financial corruption, he immediately resigned and offered himself for enquiry.

However, the Pakistani rulers who made tall claims of democracy and rule of law, had never stepped down to allow an independent probe.  

He said that the statements of the ministers against the JIT proved that the rulers did not want to pass through the process of accountability and were making every effort to flee accountability by making the JIT controversial.