ISLAMABAD: Defense Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif has submitted the details of his assets in Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).

As per details of his assets, federal minister has booked only one plot on his name, which advance payment is Rs 2 million. There are some 1900 shares worth Rs 48303 in PTCL company, priority shares 9764 worth Rs 82896 are in Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC) while 20 % shares in Messers AAA&F Traders Sialkot worth Rs 20,000.

The federal minister is owned a vehicle Suzuki Mehran 800cc besides this, he had transferred costly residential and commercial plots worth millions of rupees, golden ornaments on the name of his wife and also transferred the rights of ownership of residential flat worth Rs15 million on the name of his son.

Federal Minister has no personal residence in Pakistan and abroad. Khawaja Asif and his wife are joint owner of two houses worth 26.529 million but their current value is mentioned approximately Rs 140 million. The price of a luxury car model 2010 is mentioned Rs 1.8 million which is owned by his daughter.

Similarly, the wife of federal minister is owner of shares worth Rs 2.9 million in Aerasmos company Pvt (Limited) Sialkot.

Moreover, the Federal Minister of State for CADD, Dr. Tariq Fazal Chaudhry in his assets submitted in Election Commission of Pakistan told that neither he has personal residence nor any property, however, his wife has golden ornament worth Rs 2.6 million.

He further told that he is inherited a land by his father worth Rs 36.5 million including agriculture and commercial.

Federal Minister is also using a vehicle Hilux model 2011 worth Rs 1.7 million and Mitsubishi jeep car model 1991 worth Rs 0.7 million.