ISLAMABAD: In order to stop action against corrupt persons in Sindh by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB), provincial government and the federation have come face to face against proposed Bill being introduced by the Sindh government.

Sources said that cases against corrupt persons mostly politicians are under trail in the NAB. Zia-ul-Hasan Laanjar, Dr. Asim, Sohail Anwar Sial, Ex- provincial Minister Pir Mazhar-ul-Haq, Manzoor Kaka, Sharjel Memon, Sikandar Mandherio and other burcrates case are being investigated by the NAB.

The government of Sindh wanted to introduce new bill in order to impede action against the corrupt persons. The federal ministry for law has made it clear that any provincial law cannot replace the existing federal law.

NAB officials are of the view that new bill is aimed at limiting the powers of NAB so that actions could not be taken against corrupt persons. The federal government has severely criticized the Sindh government for introducing Sindh Repeal Act 2017.

Sources said that NAB is a part of the federal law and it is enforced in the entire country. They said that one province can not abolish this law through legislation. Only the federal government has the power to repeal or amend it, they informed.

They said that there is law about the anti-corruption department in the provinces. They recalled that KPK government had also established an institution for accountability but the Peshawar High Court had not stopped NAB from its functioning.

When contacted NAB officials told Sindh provincial minister for law, Zia-ul-Hasan is going to table the said Bill, which will end the powers of NAB and transfer its powers to anti-corruption department.  

They said they will give their reaction after reading the manuscript of the new Bill. They said ministry of law would be consulted, in this regard. They informed that punishment ratio in NAB cases was 76% while in anti-corruption departments this ratio is only 4-5 percent.