ISLAMABAD: Former Interior Minister and senior leader of PPP strongly rejected the newly published book on Raymond Davis and termed it as pack of lies and a conspiracy of Indian agency RAW.

He said that he has the documentary proofs that Raymond Davis was approached by Indian agency RAW’s Additional Secretary namely Jagnathan Kumar for the writing of book.

“The Contractor” in order to malign the Pakistan premier agency ISI, Pakistan military and civilian leadership.

Senator A. Rehman Malik said that Raymond Davis was passing through difficult time of his life due to extensive debts and tried to commit suicide not for once but multiple times. “Only last year Raymond Davis was under huge debit of $700K and his wife Rebecca has taken separation from him and was dislocated from his hometown, added Senator Rehman Malik. He said that due to his miserable financial condition, Raymond Davis was an easy prey so was he sponsored by RAW and through a ghostwriter the said book was written. Senator A. Rehman Malik said that he is astonished how for a person like Raymond Davis who was passing through worst financial crisis it possible to circulate the book for free across the world. The book was spread and circulated across the world in pdf form via internet and whatsapp only to malign Pakistan.

Senator A. Rehman Malik said that India is continuously hatching conspiracy against Pakistan and PM Modi is campaigning against Pakistan across the world but sadly our government is busier in Panama Hangama. He said all the ministers are deputed outside Judicial Academy to defend the Sharrif family while Pakistan is being pushed towards isolation.

Senator A. Rehman Malik revealed that Mr. John Kerry actually requested in person to grant diplomatic immunity to Raymond Davis enabling him to return back home but I categorically denied the request of Mr. John Kerry and informed me that he cannot be given diplomatic immunity because he had been working just an ordinary employee in Counselor General Lahore. I clearly told him that Raymond Davis had to face the trial according to law.

Senator A. Rehman Malik said that he as then interior minister had earlier informed Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Prime Minister that Raymond Davis neither can be deported nor given diplomatic immunity. He said that he had already placed his name on ECL immediately and President and Prime Minister were fully briefed on the matter.
He asked the nation to not fall prey to the Indian conspiracies and do not project the Raymond Davis as a hero, he is nothing but an agent to the RAW.

Senator A. Rehman Malik also revealed in his press conference that he was approached by Dr. Fozia Siddiqui, sister of Dr. Afia Siddiqui, who proposed that government may consider to exchange Dr. Afia Siddiqui with Raymond Davis. It was a good idea to get Dr. Afia Siddiqui back to Pakistan in exchange of Raymond Davis, subject to the clearance of the Court, said Rehman Malik. There had been a persistent demand of getting Dr. Afia Siddiqui back to Pakistan, he added. “I had earlier got her two sons recovered from Afghanistan and handed over to her family” claimed Senator A. Rehman Malik.

Senator A. Rehman Malik said that with approval of his leadership, he spoke to Mr. John Kerry accordingly, who informed that he would take up the matter with Washington and discuss this idea.  Senator A. Rehman Malik said that he waited but he did not hear anything from Mr. John Kerry on this proposal and it looked that as if Americans were not interested to exchange Dr. Afia with Raymond Davis and no response was made in writing.

In the meantime a high level meeting was held in the President House and General Pasha informed in the meeting that Americans are more interested to exercise the right of ‘Diyat’ under Islamic Laws for Raymond Davis as per the advice of their lawyers.
Senator A. Rehman Malik said the high powered meeting decided that neither Raymond Davis would be deported nor he will be granted diplomatic immunity and we will wait for the decision of the Court in the matter and no action would be taken through any executive order.

Senator A. Rehman Malik said that the matter was dealt as per the course of law with the Cooperation of the Punjab Government duly helped by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Interior and some communication was also done between the Ministry of Interior under him and Punjab Government. He said that Ministry of Interior ensured full help to the Punjab Government and full cooperation was extended to the Punjab Government and the American Embassy was forced to produce all the witnesses requested by the Punjab Government.

He said that it was matter of national interest so all the stakeholders decided in the best interest of the country and as Punjab Government played a positive role therefore Shehbaz Sharrif instead to remain in denial mood and defensive should proudly accept his role. Senator A. Rehman Malik said that he has all the documentary proofs that what role was played by Punjab government and its leadership in the matter of Raymond Davis but instead to fall prey in the hands of RAW we should stand together to combat the malicious agenda of India against Pakistan.

Senator A. Rehman Malik said that he must ensure here that the implementing authority to give immunity to Raymond Davis was the job of Ministry of Interior and he as Minister for Interior categorically denied to give diplomatic immunity and had also regretted the personal requested made by Mr. John Kerry for deportation of Raymond Davis.
He said that he was fully backed by the PPP leadership and other stakeholders including General Kayani and General Pasha.

No such role was played by then DG ISI in the release of Raymond Davis as claimed by Raymond Davis in his controversial book “The Contractor” said Senator A. Rehman Malik.

As the matter was decided in the Court of Law and Raymond Davis was set free not by Shahbaz Sharif or by the Federal Government but the Court had decided the matter as “Diyat” hence it was decision of court rather executive decision, he added.

Senator A. Rehman Malik said that there should be no negativity on the matter as this incident took place within the territorial and administrative jurisdiction of Punjab and an FIR was registered in Lahore and legal proceeding / investigation started by the Punjab police and the Challan was also submitted by Punjab Police.

On a question, Senator A. Rehman Malik replied that he would like to clarify that nobody was of the view to give immunity to Raymond Davis as claimed by Shah Mehmood Qurishi. He said that Shah Mehmood Qurishi never resigned from ministry over the issue of Raymond Davis but then Prime Minister Gillani dissolved the cabinet on 09th February, 2011 to reshuffle. He said that the new Cabinet took oath on 11th February, 2011 and Mr. Shah Mahmood Qureshi was offered the portfolio of Ministry of Water & Power or Agriculture but in the presence of other Cabinet Members he resented and walked out insisted to be Foreign Minister. Senator Rehman Malik said that Shah Mehmood Qurishi never resigned as Minister for Foreign Affairs but he left the party for his own political reasons after 08 months of decision of the Court in Raymond Davis matter.

Senator A. Rehman Malik said that world war designers are trying to enforce World War-III in the region and the person is being used for the purpose is not other than PM Modi. He asked the Government of Pakistan and Prime Minister to save the country from further isolation and concentrate over the country as much as he and his government is concentrating over Panama issue. He advised the Prime Minister to send the ministers abroad in different countries for diplomatic relations rather sending daily to JIT. Senator A. Rehman Malik said that the JIT is propaganda so horrible that next mothers will tell their sons to keep silent otherwise JIT would be called.