ISLAMABAD: Following appearing reports regarding mixing poison in the Rawal Dam, water supply to twin cities, Islamabad and Rawalpindi has been halted after passage of four days.

Rawal Dam is the main sources for supplying water to twin cities, Islamabad and Rawalpindi and reports appeared in the local media that some influential mafia has mixed chemical in the dam’s water which led to death of the fish and other species. There is also fear of water shortage after halting water supply to twin cities.

Fisheries department officials told that there is ban on fishing and boating in Rawal Dam and as a result the influential mafia mixed poisonous material into water. The concerned officials upon receiving the reports of poisonous water halted water supply to twin cities. Moreover over due to death of the fish on larger scale has led to spreading stink in the adjoining area of Rawal Dam.

Official of the WASA anyhow denied of having report regarding mixing of toxic material in water. They said water of Rawal Dam is tested on regular basis. They said they got no proof of mixing any poisonous material in water.  They said small dam organizations used to inform WASA in case water was toxic.   

According to preliminary report, some toxic material has been mixed in water of Rawal Dam and FIR has been registered with Secretariat Police Station, in this regard.

It is worth to mention that there is a complete ban on fishing in Rawal dam while boating is also banned due to inappropriate facilities provided by the authorities concerned.  Sources in the Fisheries department are of the view that mafia mixed poisonous material after imposing ban on fishing and boating.