ISLAMABAD: Sharif family and Finance Minister Ishaq Dar could not provide details of sources of income and also concealed the assets from JIT.Huge and record transactions were made in the accounts of Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Safdar, according to available documents.
The documents say that transactions done in the accounts of Nawaz Shairf and Maryam Safdar from 2008 to 2017 were Rs 1.04 billion and Rs 1.16 billion, respectively.  Nawaz Sharif received the said amount in shape of gifts from Hussain Nawaz and Hill Metal co while Nawaz Sharif gifted Rs 82. 27 crore to Maryam Safdar.
Hussain Nawaz sent Rs 44.97 crore to his father only during the span of January 2010 to August, same year. The transactions took place for thirteen times while he received Rs 73.74 crore from Hill Metal company Saudi Arabia from October 2013 to May 2017.

According to wealth tax return of Hussain Nawaz, in 1991-92, he had total assets of Rs 3.2 million and it increased upto Rs 3.3 crore during the next year. The documents further revealed that Maryam Safdar concealed her assets and source of income. Her total assets were zero in 1992-93 and there was sudden increase in 1994-95 upto Rs 3.14 crore which reached to Rs 1.04 billion in 2017.

Likewise this, assets of Ishaq Dar increased abnormally. He had Rs 0.8 million in 1981-82 which increased upto Rs 46.46 crore in 2015-16. Moreover, in 2008 Ishaq Dar granted loan of Rs 586. 93 million to his son.

JIT in its final report said that Ishaq Dar not only concealed his assets but also misdeclared his property. It further said the wife of Nawaz Sharif also hide her source of income in tax return.