ISLAMABAD: State minister for information Maryam Aurangzeb has said JIT has overstepped its mandate and it has tired to institute a case against Prime Minister (PM) Nawaz Sharif through an informer.

“ JIT transgressed its mandate and tried to make a case against PM through an informer. Its documents are unauthenticated. Supreme Court (SC) will reject petition of thieves and JIT report. ”, she said this while talking to media men here Tuesday.

She went on say JIT report is not SC decision. Its documents are unauthenticated and unverified. No diplomatic services were sought  in connection with these documents. JIT overstepped mandate. Law and constitution do not allow JIT to trespass its limits.

She said PM tax returns are on record. JIT report is based on ill intent. All the reservations have been filed in SC.

She said PM authored history by presenting himself for accountability. He had not indulged in embezzlement of even a single pie.

The petition from the thieves who are raising hue and cry and JIT report will be rejected by SC, she observed.

People elected Nawaz Sharif as PM for third time and they will also elect him as premier in general elections-2018, she remarked.