ISLAMABAD: Private hajj tour operator has doggedly grabbed millions of rupees from hundreds of people in Lakki Marwat area of Khyber Pakhtunkhaw province.

According to Online, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Masors Al Naseema company, Aawal Mir has collected 50 million (41, 0000 rupees per head) from hundreds of residents of Lakki Marwat, Tank, Bannu and other areas. Affectees have submitted application before Secretary of Religious Affairs seeking operation against the said company.

Ghulam Qadir, Haji Shahnawaz and five others from Lakki Marwat told Online that CEO of Masors Al Naseema Aawal Mir received 2040000 rupees from them stating that their flight will take off from Islamabad airport on August 08. They added, “we were told to reach hotel located in Faizabad area of Rawalpindi on August 07, on arrival, we found 128 men and women were there already which were brought by the same agent dogging them to send on pilgrimage”.

According to them, “when we reached airport at due time, we were told that our visas have not been stamped yet, it will take one more day but after that travel agent switched off his cell number.”

They lamented that nobody is hearing their voice, adding Ministry of Religious Affairs on contacting stated that Al Naseema had a quota of 80 people which the company have availed.

The affectees divulged that the company almost looted money from 400 people while ministry of religious affairs has also refused and said, “We can’t send you on hajj”.
 They appealed Federal Minister for Religious Affairs Sardar Yousaf and State Minister Pir Ameen ul Hasnaat Shah along with taking action against the company, arrangements must be carried out to send them on pilgrimage.