GUJRAT: Disqualified Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif Friday again called upon the nation to stand with him for changing the fate of Pakistan.

On reaching the rally here, Nawaz Sharif said that no one can snatch the power to rule from masses. He said that there will be no one left to look after Pakistan if the practice of ousting democratically elected prime ministers continues. This is not happening to him for the first time, he added.

Nawaz Sharif said, he cannot tolerate this joke any longer, can you? he asked the rally participants. He reiterated that reasons behind his disqualification could be unveiled. 'Tell me why was I disqualified and what corruption practises was I involved in?, he asked. He claimed that the nation voted for him when the country was at a standstill. He further said that everyone would have become employed if I had stayed. He said even the judges admitted that Nawaz Sharif committed no corruption.
The PML-N chief stated that no one would have been unemployed if he was not sent packing by the Supreme Court of Pakistan. He stated that all efforts were spent to end load-shedding from the country. The power crisis will end forever next year.

Former PM said, “Your votes were torn down … millions of people elected me as PM and a few people made me ineligible. This joke has been repeated for the past 70 years.” Without naming PTI Chairman Imran Khan, he said he is aware of the conspiracy backed by certain people in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP).

While talking about his disqualification, he stated it has happened to be for the third time, adding that no father takes salary from his son. A crowd roared a ‘no’ when he asked whether should sit in his home. Nawaz Sharif asked for peoples’ support, warning them that the country would struggle if such ousters reoccur.

We will all stand up against this system and no one can stop Pakistan from progressing, he announced while hoping to change the destiny of the country. He equated his public mandate with the honour of 20 million population, reaffirming his claim of no involvement in corrupt practices. Before concluding his address, he chanted slogans of ‘Pakistan Zindabad’.