ISLAMABAD: The Businessmen Panel of the FPCCI on Saturday said exports have registered a fall of over five billion dollars in the last three years which has pushed the country into a very difficult situation.
Secretary General of Businessmen Panel of FPCCI Senator Haji Ghulam Ali, Vice President Sheikh Aslam, Ahmed Jawad and Mian Usman said in a statement that those who were responsible for the fall in exports should be brought to the book.
They said that one of the persons responsible for fall in the exports is former CEO of TDAP who failed to deliver in three years leaving the government with only option to show him the door.
 Muneer never paid attention to his job and used all his abilities as well as the resources of the government to gain political mileage and dominate the FPCCI, they added.
The government took a number of steps to reform external sector but Mr. Muneer failed to improve exports by taking stakeholders on the board and resolve their issues.
They said, TDAP failed to achieve the target for three years and continued to blame other factors for its failure.
The business leaders demanded that SM Muneer should be brought to Pakistan and summoned in the session of the National Assembly to answer for his deeds so that no one in future can take part in politics while having a government job.