ISLAMABAD: The National Highways Authority (NHA) has auctioned as many as 350 vehicles during the past one year, as these vehicles were alleged handed over to the blue-eyed personalities.

According the sources, presently the member admin was using fifteen luxury vehicles of the department without any cheaq. The ministry of communication has decided to conduct high level inquiry against the misuse of vehicles and faulty process of vehicles auction. Sources said that decision was taken soon after the appointment of new minister in the ministry.

The sources further revealed that NHA member admin Ali Sher Masood has conducted the auction process of 350 vehicles under his supervision and these vehicles were allegedly distributed to the blue-eyed personalities. Moreover, the concerned office was presently using 15 costly vehicles of the department.

The vehicles which were under his use including Honda Civic 20917 bearing registration No. GX-327,  Total Land-Cruiser QAU-729, Honda Civic 4GU-472, Toyota Corolla Altus GT 682, Honda Civic GAB 209, Toyota GAB 560, Honda LFG 12-1339, Toyota HihAce ACF 643, Suzuki GAB-792, Suzuki LEJ 1504, Suzuki Cultus LEG 1538.
 The sources informed the above vehicle’s log book would be sought and their misuse will also be cheaq the use of these vehicles. Online contacted NHA member admin in order to take his viewpoint on this news story but he didn’t give any answer.