ISLAMABAD: Chairman Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) Dr Iftikhar Ahmad said that the council in collaboration with various national and international organizations will strive to produce and promote export quality fruits.
While speaking at a seminar on “the Enhancement of Citrus Value Chains Production in Pakistan and Australia through Improved Orchard Management Practices Project” at NARC, Dr Iftikhar said that poor orchard and nursery practices, unreliable supply of certified seed and inefficient production, irrigation and pest and disease management practices have been the challenges faced by citrus sector of the country.
While speaking Project Leader Dr Tahir Khurshid said that thousands of manpower in Pakistan have been provided training in fruit thinning, irrigation practices, nutrition and commercialization. 
Project Scientist Steven Falevine on the occasion informed the audience that under the project print, audio and video material has been developed to help farmers of far-reaching areas to get training on modern management techniques.
Director General NARC Dr. Muhammad Azeem said that Pakistan has huge potential in citrus production and its value addition, however modern practices were required to tap this potential.