ISLAMABAD: Foreign Minister (FM) Khawaja Muhammad Asif has said government is ready to  probe into Raymond Davis matter if senate Chairman gives orders.

“ if chairman Senate gives order, government is ready to hold inquiry into Raymond Davis case. The matter related to questions arising out of the disclosures made in Raymond Davis book is matter of shame for us as nation”, Khawaja Asif said this while giving reply to calling attention notice from senator Maulana Hafiz Hamdullah in Senate on Friday.

He said the way role was played for Raymond Davis is a matter of shame for us. Every institution should be accountable to parliament. Who has played what role. We are ready to investigate this matter if this incident has to be got investigated. It will not be constructive if it is done so for the sake of point scoring. How the national dignity was compromised.  No interest of any institution was attached to it.  Diyat money was paid by government of Pakistan and no one had paid diyat out of ones own pocket. Either it is better to bury this matter in memory or any probe has to be got conducted. Chairman should decide about it. We will follow his directions, he added.

Senator Hamdullah said Raymond Davis in his book  had targeted an institution rather than Gen (Retd) Pasha. Should Gen Pasha and others clear their position or not.