ISLAMABAD: Decision has been taken to launch operation against illegal housing societies operating  in and around Islamabad.

FIA has decided to launch crackdown against 80 fake housing societies immediately. The documents of 110 housing societies have been found incomplete following the sealing of Ghauri town. These societies are neither having any lay out plan nor NOC and CDA is reported to have sent the files of these 80 societies to FIA.

FIA had directed CDA to complete all the particulars of fake housing societies running in large number in Islamabad and its surrounding areas and file report thereof to it.
In compliance of this directive member planning Asad Mehmood Kiani has decided to provide details about all illegal societies to FIA for initiation of action.

FIA will complete its inquiry against the fake housing societies within a week and issue orders for freezing their  accounts  and sealing these fake societies.

Sources said that about 110 fake housing societies have been unearthed in Islamabad. These societies are neither holding any land nor have they obtained NOC or lay out plan from CDA. They have grabbed billion of rupees from the citizens through advertisement.