ISLAMABAD: Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Mian Saqib Nisar has said that all state institutions should discharge their obligations within the ambit of  the constitution.

While addressing a full court reference on the commencement of new judicial year CJP said, “Judges should be free from all types of influences” as objective of justice could be achieved only through   rule of law and supremacy  of the constitution.

He went on to say that the democracy should be protected and saved for the sake of justice . The  Bar and Bench will  have to be united to ensure provision of justice,  he added.

He said constitution is supreme over every thing. The judiciary administers justice and ensures protection of fundamental rights. Judges should be free from all influence.

He said all the institutions should discharge their obligations in conformity with the constitution. The  Judiciary is vested with the power to undertake judicial review whenever any authority or functionary of the State acts ultra vires the Constitution or the law.  
He further added that injustice gives rise to violation of citizens rights and the injustice leads the nations to disorder and anarchy.
Attorney General Ashtar Ausaf said that the constitution determines the boundaries of legislation, judiciary and executive .

He said some court decisions were taken to  international forum and investors had to pay  fine of billion of rupees.
Exchange of views generates opportunity for dialogue among institutions, therefore, there should  be exchange of views among the institutions.

Media has its own responsibility too in such  cases and he hopes that media would not turn into people judicial system as parallel to the existing judicial system, he remarked.  

Vice Chairman Pakistan Bar Council Muhammad Ahsan Bhoon said that political elite of Zia ul Haq trampled the sanctity of vote.
He said panama judgment is a first drop of rain against political elite. Panama case decision proved a starting point for cleansing the country from corruption, he added.

He further said that the appointment of judges is a basic problem as judges of choice are appointed. The process of transparency was hurt in the appointment of judges, he added.