TEHRAN: Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif has said there should be consensus among the regional countries for the resolution of Afghan issue and neighbouring countries of Afghanistan will have to agree on joint efforts for dealing with Afghan problem.

He said this while talking to media men after his one to one meeting with his Iranian counter part Javad Zarif here Monday.

He held “we are struggling for peace in Afghanistan since one decade. Peace in Afghanistan will have far reaching positive effects on the whole region, he added.
My visit to Tehran is aimed at preparing neighbours of Afghanistan for forging consensus on certain matters, he remarked.

He underlined US army has failed in sorting out the problems facing Afghanistan. The countries of the region should resolve regional issues on their own because imported resolutions are not workable, he observed.

He underscored that there can be no military option for resolution of Afghan issue. It should be resolved politically, he urged.

Khawaja Asif held that he stressed on political solution of Afghan issue during his visit to China and he would talk on regional consensus on Afghanistan during his visit to Turkey.

Foreign secretary Tehmina Janjua and national security advisor Lt Gen (Retd) Nasir Janjua is also accompanying Khawaja Asif during his one day visit to Tehran.