KARACHI: Interior minister Ahsan Iqbal has said those becoming Socrates and Buqrat are stooges of foreign power.

“ a strong economy is guarantor of a stable country. CPEC will enhance importance of the region . It is endeavour of the enemy to take us to some conflict so that harm could be caused to CPEC. Those becoming Socrates and Buqrat are agents of alien powers. They should listen that they can not harm Sino-Pak friendship”, he said this while talking to media men here Tuesday.

He went on to say that a vibrant economy is guarantor of a stable country. CPEC is a project of future of Pakistan and it will meet success at every cost.

He held precautionary measures are must for protection of coastal area because miscreants and criminals use sea passage  .

He underlined smuggling is a scourge and it erodes economy. The terrorists use sea passage . We are monitoring Afghan borders effectively to prevent cross border infiltration. We have made our borders secure through  civil and military system. Directives have been issued to coast guards to stop  smuggling strictly .

In the evolving situation the region has assumed economic significance, he said adding the world has changed and we are in geo-economics era.

He stated that the new group of terrorists which has come to fore following the attack on Khawaja Izhar  has been eliminated considerably. Some among them are absconding and they will soon be apprehended. We will give you good news of complete elimination of this group soon, he added.

He remarked that the terrorists woo the youths to themselves  in social media and misguide them. Proposal has been given to evolve a system of effective monitoring of the students in educational institutions.

Interior minister said we will take along policies which were pursued by Chaudhry Nisar. Prime Minister has been changed and not the government, he remarked. Government and military institutions will together make operation Raddul Fasad  a success. We will weed out terrorism. We will take their facilitators to logic end too, he added.

Making Pakistan peaceful is the mission of political and military leadership and the entire public, he underscored. We have sacrificed our lives for the sake of this mission and we can not leave it in half way, he added. The sacrifices rendered by Pakistan army in war on terror are laudable, he stated.

Responding to a question he said Kulbhushan matter is pending hearing in international court of justice. Government is seeing this case. Government will effectively defend Pakistan. All the evidence will be provided.

Our neighbouring country India is creating chaos and disorder in Pakistan through acts of sabotage.

He  observed China, Russia and European Union have appreciated Pakistan role after US President Trump speech. Now US is too recognizing Pakistan role, he added.