LAHORE: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan said on Thursday that Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader Maryam Nawaz disrespects the judiciary on a daily basis.

The PTI chairman was addressing a joint press conference along with Pakistan Awami League Chief Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri.

Imran claimed that Maryam Nawaz, daughter of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, is behaving like a deputy prime minister in the run-up to the by-polls in the NA-120 constituency. Reacting to his arrest warrant issued by ECP, he remarked “ECP does not have the authority to issue arrest warrants. Our case is being heard by Islamabad High Court.” He further remarked that the ECP has never heard a contempt of court case before his. “The ECP is working on PML-N’s behest.”

“Since we filed the Panama papers case petition, so many cases have been filed against us,” said Imran, adding “some cases were even heard by the Supreme Court.”“ECP is only responsible for ensuring that the elections are transparent. If we have to, then we will even go to the Supreme Court regarding this biased behaviour of the ECP,” Imran added.

Imran Khan said that he is not allowed to enter the NA-120 constituency, while PML-N leader are heading campaign rallies. He said that he will pay a visit to Data Darbar.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri said Nawaz Sharif was disqualified on the basis of  dishonesty.” You were disqualified because you concealed facts and forged official documents,” he said while signaling towards disqualified PM Nawaz Sharif. He said that the nation has to make a decision if it wants to see a powerful judiciary or not.  He further said that people have to decide whether they want to elect murderers or an educated woman.

“Nawaz doesn’t even consider his voters as humans. The so-called development projects all revolve around his corruption,” he added.“Nawaz Sharif was disqualified due to dishonesty not Iqama,” he claimed. He said that ‘deputy chairman’ of Sharif company is the candidate in the NA-120 constituency.

He said that Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz’s (PML-N) prosperity revolves around corruption. “Nawaz doesn’t have time to meet his ministers,” he said. He further said that people have to decide whether they want to elect murderers or an educated woman.

Earlier PTI chief Imran Khan reached Lahore to take part in the election campaign of Dr. Yasmin Rashid for the upcoming by-election of NA-120. Imran met PAT chief at Minhaj Secretariat, who announced his party’s support for Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s (PTI) candidate Yasmin Rashid in NA-120 by-poll. The NA-120 seat fell vacant after the disqualification of Nawaz Sharif as prime minister as a result of the Supreme Court verdict in the Panama Papers case on July 28.

A tough contest is expected between PTI candidate Yasmin Rashid and Nawaz’s wife and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N)’s Kulsoom Nawaz on September 17.In light of the former first lady’s ongoing medical treatment in London, her daughter Maryam is spearheading the campaign in the constituency.

Ballot papers for the NA-120 by-election are being printed with the process being monitored by the Army. The ECP said a total of 350,000 ballot papers are being printed for the by-poll, where 324,786 voters are registered to cast their vote. Moreover, the army will be responsible for the storage and distribution of ballot papers to the polling stations.