ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court on Tuesday observed that National Accountability Bureau (NAB) was a blind institution, saying there was no system functioning in the country.

Justice Dost Mohammad Khan made these remarks during hearing of Modarba Scandal case of Mufti Saqib. A three-member bench led by Justice Mushir Alam heard the case. Justice Dost Muhammad Khan further said that due to failure of the system, banned organizations were given free hand to contest elections. He said banned outfits contested recently held election in Lahore. Who was providing them shield? , he questioned.  He said India awarded punishment to a Guru and same practice would be applied here as mentioned in the law.

During the hearing, lawyer of the accused Amjad Qureshi giving arguments adopted the stance that his client was awarded imprisonment for one year for allegedly involvement in fraud of Rs 26.5 million. He said his client paid Rs 8.1 million to NAB through plea bargain. He said when the amount has been paid then there was no responsibility of paying fine amount. He cited that seventeen affectees have submitted oath that they have received their money and do not want punishment to the accused.

Upon this, Justice Mushir Alam quoting the verdict of High Court said that in the investigation report it was mentioned hat affectees are more than seventeen. Justice Dost Muhammad Khan remarked that although the massive amount was embezzled but was amazed that less punishment was awarded to the accused.  

The counsel of the accused told that court that his client was working as property dealer. The court inquired that how he can collect money as it was task of the bank. It further asked the lawyer whether he had come to exonerate him. Upon this lawyer justified that he had come to end punishment of his client as he was  Mufti and enjoys a good status in the society.

Justice Dost Muhammad Khan remarked that there was no system in the country. He said due to failure of the system, free hand was given to banned organizations to contest elections. Who had given umbrella to banned outfit to contest election in Lahore, he posed a question?  He recalled that in India a Guru was awarded punishment by a Magistrate. He said Guru continued weeping but no one took notice of it. He vowed to implement the law. He asked the lawyer that his client has taught how many students. Upon this lawyer said he wanted to do this for students. He said allegation of fraud was not proved against his client.    

During the hearing prosecutor of the NAB told that court that Mufti Saqib took money from people for investment and pay them profit in return. He said upon failure of paying profit he promised to give plots and when failed to give plots promised to pay over Rs 18 million. Upon this Justice Dost Muhammad Khan said that NAB was blind. He said second fraud has come to surface against Mufti Saqib during trial. He said NAB did not register second case. He said trial court awarded one year imprisonment.

Later the court dismissed the application of the culprit after hearing arguments of the lawyers.  It is worth to mention that Mufti Saqib collected Rs 25 million in the name of making investment in Modarba and after proving his crime, trial court awarded one year imprisonment and Rs 0.1 million fine on him.