ISLAMABAD: The National Assembly Wednesday adopted a resolution strongly condemning the ongoing violence and grave human rights violations against Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar.

The resolution moved by Minister for Law Zahid Hamid deplored the systematic and organized destruction of villages and homes of Rohingya Muslims.
It reaffirmed Pakistan's unwavering solidarity with Rohingya Muslims for the realization of their civil, political, social, economic and cultural rights.

The resolution called upon the international community especially the Human Rights Council to urge Myanmar government to ensure protection of the rights of Muslims, investigate the incidents of human rights violations against them and hold the perpetrators of violence accountable. It urged the international community to provide humanitarian assistance to Rohingya Muslims.

Speaking on the resolution, Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan said that a special meeting of OIC should be held on Rohingya Muslims. In a written reply, Foreign Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif informed the House that Pakistan is in close contact with South Asian countries to host SAARC summit as soon as possible. He said the postponement of 19th SAARC summit, which was scheduled to take place in Islamabad in November 2015, was not only disappointing for Pakistan but it was also a blow to the collective development of the region. He said Pakistan remains steadfast in its commitment to regional cooperation and connectivity for promoting peace and accelerating the pace of economic development.

Minister for States and Frontier Regions Abdul Qadir Baloch told the National Assembly that the International community needs to create conducive conditions in Afghanistan for repatriation of Afghan refugees to their homeland. He said the process of repatriation of Afghan refugees has slowed down and only seventy thousand refugees returned to Afghanistan this year. He said he will visit Geneva next month to attend a meeting and apprise the world community about the difficulties in repatriation of the Afghan refugees.

MNA of PTI, Asad Umar said that resolution presented in the National Assembly regarding Rohingya Muslim was very weak. He said PPP and PTI had given their proposals, which were included in the resolution. He called the need to take solid steps for Rohingya Muslims. He urged Bangla Desh Prime Minister to play positive role, in this regard.

MNA Abdul Wasim said Rohingya were facing worst situation as they were lacking foodstuff and shelter.

Maulana Ameer Zaman observe that unity among Muslims have been ended and recalled the time when 313 Muslims defeated thousands non-Muslims. He said today there are one billion Muslims across the globe but all are silent. He said U.S was the biggest terrorist of the world as it had made first attack on the world, which resulted killing of thousands innocent people. He said Security Council will has to raise voice for Rohingya Muslims.

Dr. Nafisa Shah lamented that incidents were happening in those countries, which claim flag-bearers of humanity. He told that British government had populated Rohingya Muslim for their vested interests. She said these people were Bangla Deshi and during separation in 1971this issue was emerged. She informed that 0.5 million Rohingya are living in Pakistan.

MNA Tahir Iqbal posed a question that why Muslims were being massacred in Palestine, Kashmir and Burma. He termed it a conspiracy to remove identity of Muslims.

Ayesha Syed said that recent barbaric incidents in Burma have revived the era of Halakoo Khan and Changez Khan. MNA Shahab Khan said that FATA was presenting look of Rohingya. He called to take notice of it.

Ali Raza Abidi said that issue of Burma was six years old. He said over 2 million Buddhists who have Taliban like extremism thinking are killing Muslims in Rohingya. He said state of Burma should form Mili Muslim League to bring the extremists into mainstream.

Saman Sultana Jaffery said that killing of Hazaras in Balochistan was going unchecked. She said every day Hazara are being attacks being extremists and terrorists. She lamented that neither prayer nor resolution was adopted for Hazara community in the National Assembly. Why Maulan Abdul Aziz was sitting in Islamabd, she posed a question?.