MUMBAI: At least 22 people have died and another 30 injured in a stampede at the foot over bridge at Mumbai’s Elphinstone Road station on Friday. The incident occurred during peak hours following rains.

The incident at Elphinstone station, which connects two of the city's major local lines, was triggered by overcrowding and heavy rain, they added. The injured have been taken to a nearby hospital and senior railway officials are at the scene.

Ganesh Hatankar, who was at the Parel station, told Mirror "It was raining heavily at the time and so a lot of people were waiting on the staircase sheltering themselves from the rain. But as more trains pulled in, the numbers swelled. Then suddenly we saw people fall off the staircase and it triggered panic among commuters. That's when the stampede happened. We heard that three people had died on the spot. There are a lot of police vans there now."

BMC Disaster Management Cell confirmed to Mirror, "We don't have much information right now. The officers are at the site. However, a stampede has occurred. We have mobilized required services at the site. Ambulances have been rushed at the spot." However, the officials refused to divulge much information on the causalities.

Parel is located on the Central Railways and is a connecting point to switch to the western line using the foot over-bridge to Elphinstone Road. This is the only bridge that connects the Central Railway platform to the Western Line and is usually extremely crowded during rush hour given that Lower Parel has a number of office complexes.