ISLAMABAD: Ministry for Trade & Commerce had spent one billion rupees to participate in international trade expos but made zero progress for increase in exports during the tenure of Khurram Dastagir Khan.

According to an official summary, former federal commerce minister had established a new record of foreign tours as no of his former counterpart had visited abroad this much times as did he during his tenure which ruined billions of rupees from national exchequer.

From 2013 to 2105, the ministry spent 1012 million rupees for participation in international expos and exhibitions.

The report divulged that statistics of benefits resultantly achieved by participating in these exhibitions were neither disclosed nor the ministry providing any detail of increase in exports achieved by these participations.

Ministry of Trade & Commerce had appointed commercial attaché in different countries to increase exports but they also could not bring fruitful results and their progress remained zero during the period.

As per laws, the head of delegation have to submit report before ministry within 15 days of official visit but the authorities in ministry had not received any single report during the years.