ISLAMABAD: Notwithstanding issuance of showcase notice on corruption, top officials in Pakistan Post have been reappointed on main posts, revealed a document.

It disclosed that corrupt officials who were involved in corruption of Rs 750 million were issued showcase notices but these have been appointed again on top posts. It said these officers have eaten up Rs 150 million in the name of GPO Murree while private persons have occupied the building of GPO.

The document said that forty-eight officials of Pakistan Post had stolen money from army pensioners’ fund. Cases against the corrupt officials are in NAB and FIA. It said that PMG Haiderabad embezzled Rs 9 million in computer purchase while inquiry could not be completed against these officials.

It revealed that officers of Pakistan post have paid Rs 130 million illegally to PLI agents while Rs 10 million were eaten up in the name of honorarium for employees. In this connection, the authorities concerned has urged to make amendments in PLI to save national wealth but officers are mum.

The document unearthed that officers have mutually divided Rs 1.18 billion on the account of Ad-hoc allowances, Secretariat allowances, performance allowances and others. The budget of the Pakistan post employees was allocated Rs 10.27 billion while  officers distributed Rs 12 billion, which were declared illegal step.

A sum of Rs 370 million received in advance were also engulfed by the offices, revealed the document. It said officers claimed of spending Rs 50 million in the name of renovation of GPO Murree while the estimated cost of this project Rs 36.6 million while owner of the private company Nasir Javed has been paid Rs 50 million, in this respect.

The report said that Pakistan post administration was not collecting Rs 76.3 million on account of rent from Micro finance bank. This is being done with the connivance of the Pakistan post’s top officials. Due to negligence of authorities concerned, the provincial governments including Punjab and Sindh have not paid Rs 40 million on account of charges which include, weapon license, driving license, road permit and other.

Due to inability of Pakistan post officers, Rs 43.3 million were extra paid to army pensioners, revealed the report. Other arrears include Post offices foundation Rs 2.4 million, communication Rs 2.4 million, rent of shops Rs 6.1 million and withholding tax was not collected on saving scheme worth Rs 6.2 million which inflicted massive financial loss to national exchequer.