The historical devaluation of the rupee continues, the dollar will be worth 226 rupees in interbank


The value of the US dollar against the rupee continued to rise for the third day of the week and the dollar reached the highest level in the country’s history at 226 rupees.

In the interbank market, the dollar rose by 4 rupees 1 paisa, after which the dollar traded at 226 rupees from 221 rupees 99 paise in the interbank market.

It should be remembered that the US dollar closed at 221 rupees 99 paise yesterday as compared to the Pakistani rupee by 6 79 paise.

Like Interbank, the dollar is selling between 226 and 227 rupees after the increase of 2 rupees in the open market. Yesterday, the dollar closed at 224 rupees in the open market.

It should be noted that earlier in June, the US dollar had reached the level of 211 rupees 48 paisa, while since the arrival of the Shahbaz government, the dollar has become more expensive than 18 49 rupees, while the dollar has increased by 12 rupees in the interbank exchange in just 2 days. It became more expensive.