K-Electric all set to drop electricity bomb shell on Karachiites


ISLAMABAD (Online) K-Electric has filed application with NEPRA seeking increase in power tariff by Rs 11.39 per unit.

The tariff will be scaled up under monthly fuel adjustment in the month of June.

NEPRA will hear K-Electric application on July 28.
It has been said in the application that 13 billion units electricity was generated last month at the cost of Rs 213 billion.

According to K-Electric electricity was produced from furnace oil at the cost of Rs 36.20 per unit, from coal at the cost of Rs 20.80 per unit, from local gas at the cost of Rs 8.92 per unit.

Electricity was imported from Iran at the cost of 19.97 per unit. Paisas 42 per unit were lost due to line losses.