PM stresses State organs to act within consitutional domains


ISLAMABAD (Online): Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, in his tweet, reiterated his stance on the working of State institutions to work within the ambit of Constitution.

He wrote “It is important that all state organs act within the domains stipulated by Constitution.”

PM Sharif emphasized that his yesterday’s speech in National Assembly focused on the smooth working of democratic system.

“The core of my argument during my speech at National Assembly was that for a democratic system to work smoothly and effectively,” he said,He said, “Without understanding this, we will be moving in a circle, getting nowhere,” he said.

In his speech on the floor of National Assembly, PM Sharif mentioned that the constitution had defined powers of legislature as well as the judiciary, however, a mockery of the constitution was made during last 75 years with imposition of martial laws.