Acting Chief Justice IHC Amir Farooq ordered PTI to make the resigned members, part of petition


Muhammad Basharat (Online) – The court of Acting Chief Justice Amir Farooq of Islamabad High Court ordered the PTI to make the resigned members of the assembly a party in the petition against the phased approval of the resignations of the members of the PTI assembly and said that the resignation and its acceptance are an individual process.

The decision on the resignations should come tomorrow and the members say that we did not resign at all, removing the objection of the registrar’s office. Last day, during the hearing on the application with the objections of the registrar’s office, Faisal Chaudhry advocated in the court on behalf of the petitioner. Appeared and said that the registrar’s office objected that the authority letter was not affixed, the objection should be removed, the court said then this petition should not have been on behalf of Asad Umar, you have to take a letter.

Faisal Chaudhry Advocate said that there is no need for an authorization letter because Asad Umar himself came to get his biometric done. The court also ordered to remove the objection of the registrar’s office along with the above measures. It should be noted that in the petition, it is requested to de-notify all the 123 resigned members and issue orders to declare the seats vacant. The parliamentary party had made a joint decision to resign from the seats of the National Assembly to get a new mandate.

It is not the authority of the current Speaker to postpone the matter, the Speaker is obliged to send the matter to the Election Commission after receiving the resignation, the Election Commission declares the seats of the resigned members vacant and announces the schedule of the by-elections, it is requested from the court that the election Direct the Commission to de-notify all 123 members.