Imported troop is burdening the country and the nation, Shahbaz Gul


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Shehbaz Gul says that the imported gang is putting a heavy burden on the country and the nation.

In his statement issued on the social networking website Twitter, Shahbaz Gul said that after 22 months, a 24% decrease in exports was recorded in July.

The PTI leader said that export ban means factories are closed, employment is closed and inflation has reached the highest level in Pakistani history.

Shahbaz Gill further said that the remittance senders look bad to him because they give funds to PTI.

It should be noted that the Ministry of Finance released the economic outlook report for July 2022, in which a decrease in imports, foreign exchange reserves, dollar exchange rate and trade deficit was observed.

According to the document, imports in July recorded a decrease of 12.3 percent to 4 billion 91 million dollars, while the volume of exports decreased by 0.7 percent to 2 billion 32 million dollars.

Foreign exchange reserves stood at $14.3 billion as on July 25, and foreign exchange reserves stood at $24.8 billion on July 23, 2021.