Yasin Malik’s condition is critical, Mashaal Malik


Mashaal Malik, wife of Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front Chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik, has said that Yasin Malik’s condition is critical, he was on a 12-day hunger strike.

Mashaal Malik informed about the condition of her husband in Tihar Jail and said that the Indian government had registered many fake cases against Yasin Malik, even after he was convicted in the fake cases, India has made more fake cases against him.

Mashaal Malik has said that India refused to present Yasin Malik in the court in these cases, Yasin Malik went on a hunger strike because he was not given the right to appear in the court and cross-examine the cases.

According to Mashaal Malik, some people from the Indian state went to Yasin Malik, Yasin Malik has given two months time for trial and cross-examination, if he is not given the right, then he will go on a hunger strike.