Silence of International community over Indian atrocities in Occupied Kashmir condemnable: Imran Khan


Former Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan has said silence of international community over Indian atrocities in Occupied Kashmir and their specific moral lecture despite resolutions of UN Security council and international laws is condemnable.

He tweeted “Modi government scrapped the special status of Occupied Kashmir on August 05,2019 illegally. Later Modi government changed the geographical status of Occupied Kashmir which is a crime under 4th Geneva Convention. Modi thought this step by him would crush the resistance spirit of Kashmiris. But the freedom movement of Kashmiris has gained more strength due to illegal moves of India. It is becoming more stable with every passing day.

He held we are asked to raise voice to condemn the brazen violations of human rights violations but when the trampling of human rights in Occupied Kashmir and India comes then these powers become silent. Because India is big market or it is their strategic partner.