Unnecessary controversy was raised over the non-participation in the funeral of the martyrs, the President of the State


The non-participation of the President of the state in the funeral of the martyrs in the helicopter in Balochistan has become a subject of controversy on social media.

In this regard, an explanatory statement has also been issued by the President in which he has responded to the controversies that have arisen on social media.

The President of the State has clearly said in his message that martyrdom has been mentioned with respect in the Quran, so how can we desecrate the sacrifice of those people who have been declared alive by Allah.

He said that like all Pakistanis, I have admired martyrs all my life, I have contacted the families of hundreds of martyrs, attended funerals and met them to offer condolences.

He further said that I consider this work as my duty, but it is a very difficult task to condole especially with the families of those martyrs who have small children among their relatives.