Investigation into prohibited funding case, FIA writes letter to Imran Khan


FIA has written a letter to Imran Khan seeking records in connection with the ongoing investigation into the PTI banned funding case. The letter was written by the Deputy Director of FIA Islamabad Zone, the letter said.

The record of all organizations and trusts of PTI since 1996 should be provided. In the text of the letter written by FIA Islamabad Zone, it is said that PTI’s registered, unregistered national and Records of international organizations, trusts should be provided. The letter states that the annual statement of all accounts of PTI should be provided since opening, records of all domestic and international donors should be provided.

F.I. A has said in the letter that all these national and international companies,Provide the records of the business organizations that have supported the party, and also provide the records of the membership fees received since the establishment of the party.

Provide separate details of money received, provide records of all national and international companies, businesses that have helped the party.