Government will go home before September 10: Fawad chaudhary


PTI leader Fawad Chaudhry has said government will go home before September 10 and the powers will shift to the people.

“it is hoped government will stand ousted before September 10 and the powers will be transferred to people, he said this in a statement issued here Tuesday.

He went on to say “ government kanpain have tong with the first public meeting of Imran Khan. People are being stopped from coming to Islamabad. If PML-N does some thing then a forceful reaction from people will come.

He remarked restrictions are being imposed on media to gag voice of Imran Khan. Motorways are being shut so that the people could not reach Islamabad. Their steps are aimed at stopping public meetings.

He claimed that terrorism case was registered because of fear of Imran Khan public meeting. False FIR should be quashed.

He questioned as to why action was not taken on the threatening statements of PML-N leaders.