Mishi Khan & Tipu Sharif Talk About Benefits Of Being Single


Mishi Khan, Tipu Sharif, Hina Rizvi & Wajid Khan were invited in Good Morning Pakistan. They all were representing the unmarried or Single squad. They also talked about the pros and cons of being single. Well, Mishi Khan & Tipu Sharif were also asked a question by the host Nida, “What is the biggest benefit of being unmarried/Single?”

To this question all the guests spoke one by one, firstly, Mishi Khan said, “The biggest benefit of being single for me is that I can quickly take my decisions and go towards the possible solutions instead of wasting my time in asking from others before I run out of time, I don’t waste time in solving issues and problem”.

Tipu Sharif said, “I don’t spend money on the trivial things already, I have grown up wise, eventually a girl will come in my life so I’m not this much thinking about saving and spending money but yes I can make my decisions freely and that’s the biggest benefit of being single”. Hina Rizvi also said that the biggest benefit of being unmarried is that you are not imposed to give explanations for your life choices to others. Mishi Khan further said that she has the freedom of doing anything like, yesterday, it was raining in Islamabad and she had to rescue one of her dog from rain at 1:00 Am, so, instead of taking permission from someone she reached out to her dog and just saved him/her from rain. Wajid also said that being single means one can do whatever he wants. Here is the video link in which all these single celebrities enlightened about benefits of being single.