Jannat Mirza comes out in support of TikTok ban


ISLAMABAD, October 11 (Online): TikToker Janat Mirza, who has amassed 10 million followers on the app (the most in Pakistan), has said that she supports a temporary ban on the popular Chinese app.
Janat said in a video message that she was in Japan at the moment and found out about the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) ban through a phone call.
“In my opinion, this is a very good step because there has been a lot of rudeness on TikTok in the recent past,” said the Pakistani TikToker. She said that the ban should be lifted after SOPs have been devised and a mechanism to review posts before they are posted is created.
Janat Mirza said that it would not be appropriate to impose a permanent ban on TikTok because a lot of people were showcasing their skills and getting various offers to build their careers.