President appeals to nation, overseas Pakistanis, international community to help flood affectees

President Dr Arif Alvi has  appealed to the entire nation, overseas Pakistanis and international community to lend support to the flood affectees.
“the entire nation, overseas Pakistanis and international community should come forward to help flood victims.  The flood  affectees are in dire need of rescue, relief and rehabilitation due to heavy rains and floods, he said this in a statement issued here Friday.
He went on to say the floods have devastated the life and livelihood of the people all over the country.
Pakistani nation demonstrated  unprecedented  philanthropic spirit in the past. Like wise the nation should contribute tremendously to the relief activities and make donations in shape of cash and kind.
All the governments, institutions, NGOs and volunteers should help provide shelter, food and medical facilities to flood  affectees, he urged.
Media should also persuade nation to donate cash and essential commodities for flood victims.  The flood caused by historical rains  inflicted damage on standing crops. Damage was  caused to roads, bridges and infrastructure of communication system.
He said the international community should provide their expertise, technology and required machinery to government institutions.
The nation once again  would come forward to help flood victims like past and would not rest till their complete rehabilitation,  he hoped.