PTI conspiracy on agreement between Pakistan, IMF stands exposed


ISLAMABAD, Aug 29 (Online): PTI conspiracy on agreement between Pakistan and IMF has been exposed.

The talks between senator Shaukat Tareen and finance ministers of Punjab and KP have gone leaked as during the talks Shaukat Tareen issued directives to finance ministers of Punjab and KP for not extending cooperation regarding agreement.

Shaukat Tareen first talked to Punjab finance minister Mohsin Leghari on telephone. It can be heard in audio leak that Shaukat Tareen while talking to finance minister Punjab Mohsin Leghari said what commitment you had given of 750 billion and you all have signed it. Now you have to say what commitment we had given it was given before floods . Now you have to say you will have to spend too much money due to floods. You have to write it only and you have to do nothing except it.

Punjab finance minister replied “yes”
Shaukat Tareen further said we all want pressure is put on them. They are sending us to jails and are leveling terrorism allegations against us. They are going scot free. We have not to allow to be done so. KP finance minister is sending it after doing it in one hour. You should also say send it to me. Then we will do it and send it to federal government. Then we will release it to IMF representatives.

During it Punjab finance minister asked a question from Shaukat Tareen will the state not suffer due to this entire matter.
Shaukat Tareen replied is the state not suffering the way they are sending tweets to chairman and others. Loss will occur at every cost. They will bring mini budget. They are mistreating us. They are blackmailing us in the name of state. How can we help them in this situation. it can not be done so. We have resolved a day before that this has to be released to IMF or otherwise. We will ask it from chairman this should be sent to federal government only or to IMF too.

Punjab finance minister said nothing is more powerful tool than social media.

Shaukat Tareen said upon it “ yes we don’t need to release it. Social media itself will release it. Taimor was saying I know its No 2. He will leak it. We will do such scene that it does not show we are causing loss to state.
Shaukat Tareen then during his talks with KP finance minster asked question from Taimore Jhagra has he worked out the letter.

Taimore Jhagra said I work it out just now. I have old letter. I am on the way. I work out it now and send you.

Shaukat Tareen while giving directives to Taimire Jhagra said the biggest and first point of the letter will be what flood has come it has ruined KP. First point should be THAT we want money for rehabilitation of the flood hit areas. I have asked to Leghari.

Taimore Jhagra said after hearing Shaukat Tareen talk that it is tactics of blackmailing.

He said : I know No 2 of IMF. I have been obtaining information from him. Mohsin too had telephoned me. I have talked to him. Khan Sahb and Mehmood Khan have said to me we should hold press conference together.

Shaukat Tareen replied that press conference has not to be held. That was it we will do it. Then we will hold seminar on Monday. If press conference has to be held over it we can hold it. If we send the letter.

Tamore Jhagra replied to Shaukat Tareen let us send letter first. It is all right.