NEPRA scales up power tariff by Rs 4.34 per unit

National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) has accorded approval to scale up power tariff by Rs 4.34 per unit.
Central Power Purchasing Agencies (CPPA) had filed application seeking increase in electricity tariff by Rs 4.69 per unit.
The increase in power tariff has been approved under the head of Fuel Adjustment Charges (FAC) in the month of July.
CPPA had said in the application the power production cost remained Rs 10.98 per unit in the month of July. Advanced fuel cost was registered Rs 6.28 per unit.
The experts have said that the increase in the power tariff will place additional burden of Rs LNGon the consumers.
According to CPPA 35.17 percent  power  was generated through water, 12.74 percent from coal, 1.46 percent from diesel and 6.42 percent from furnace oil last month.
10.36 percent electricity was generated from local gas and 14.98 percent from imported LNG.
CPPA said power generated from furnace oil  cost Rs 35.69 per unit, from diesel Rs 27.88 per unit and power  from LNG was generated at the cost of  Rs 28.28 per unit.