Nawal Saeed First Time Talked About Break Up With Arslan Faisal


Nawal Saeed is a gorgeous Pakistani actress who has done many hit serials. She’s loved because of her acting. Fans also admire her long silky hair, beautiful face and glowing skin.Recently, Nawal Saeed opened up about her break up with her Ex- boyfriend, which, according to fans’ speculation was none other than Arslan Faisal.
Talking about her breakup and her belief in horoscopes of the two people in relation ship she said, “yes, I saw and checked our horoscopes but I didn’t think about it much, I actually become blind in love, well, the person is not with me which means our horoscopes didn’t match, I am blind in love,
people warn me about a person and tell about all the red lines but I say that I will change the man but how can I change a the other person, obviously, he would be changed by his parents and not me”It is to be remembered that Arslan Faisal and Nawal Saeed were quite regular with their responses on each other’s social media
Both used to post cheesy comments on each other’s pictures on Instagram which gathered fans’ attention and people started speculating that the two are together and there is surely something going on between them but now they are no more together, they don’t even comment on each others post. Here are their old posts.