Govt has made tough decisions in difficult time: FM


Finance Minister (FM) Miftah Ismail has said government has made difficult decisions in difficult time.

“PTI executed an agreement with IMF and later it breached it, he said this while addressing a seminar here Friday.

We should have gone to IMF immediately, he said adding break came in IMF when corona came and world bank extended aid.

Last year current account deficit had soared to 17 billion dollars , he indicated. Revival of IMF program was our priority after coming to power, he underlined. During Pervez Musharraf tenure current account deficit was 8.1 percent.

We are integrating business community into tax net, he held.

He remarked population has witnessed growth in the country and economy volume has also swelled. If there are 10 children out of schools in the world then one among them is Pakistani.

I contested election twice from Karachi and I lost the election, he indicated. But if I lose election now then I will never contest election, he added.