Popular meme ‘Wow Grape’ is all set to be auctioned off as an NFT


The meme that took over Twitter last year across the world, ‘Wow Grape’ is all set to be auctioned as a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) on September 30, 2022, on the digital art marketplace called Foundation.
Pakistan is suffering from an unprecedented scale of floods throughout the country which has impacted millions of people. Due to the mass scale of damage caused to people’s homes and livelihood, they require continuous support to deal with the crisis. In order to contribute to the rehabilitation efforts, a portion of the funds generated from the NFT sale would be donated to an experienced and reputed charity, stated a press release.
The Wow Grape meme got immense popularity when a YouTube channel uploaded a video of a celebration at a Pakistani school in Saudi Arabia. Snippets from the video became an instant internet sensation and went on to become a popular template for the creation of memes that were then flooded on social media.
Particularly, the catchphrase ‘Wow, great’ was perceived as ‘Wow Grape’ by social media users due to the passionate inflection in the voice of the Pakistani politician, a former Senator and principal of the school at that time, Sehar Kamran. Since then ‘Wow Grape’ has become a commonly used phrase on the internet in the form of texts, images, gifs and videos.
While the majority of Pakistani memes are of local relevance and at best spill over to the neighboring countries of South Asia, ‘Wow Grape’ enjoys a global following. The meme started a TikTok trend as videos created with ‘Wow Grape’ have more than 63 million combined views on the popular video-sharing platform. In fact, celebrities, Twitter and Instagram influencers from every corner of the world recreated or reshared the iconic meme.
An NFT is a crypto asset that represents an intangible digital item such as an image or video. NFT owners are recorded on the blockchain, meaning that NFTs can be traded as stand-ins for the digital assets they represent.
The ‘Wow Grape’ NFT auction would be conducted with the consent of Sehar Kamran in collaboration with the Sweden/Pakistan-based software house, Maqssoft. Indeed, the sale of the viral NFT has the potential to inspire and boost the confidence of local NFT creators to launch their NFTs in the global marketplace and contribute to the economy.