IIOJK erupts in jubilation after Pakistan’s win over India in Asia Cup at Dubai


In Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, streets erupted in jubilation as Kashmiris took to the streets in Srinagar and other parts of the territory after Pakistan’s win over India in Asia Cup at Dubai International Cricket Stadium on Sunday.
Although, Indian army, police and agencies were patrolling the streets to keep the Kashmiri youth confined in their houses; however, the youth in groups came out of their houses, shouted pro-Pakistan and pro-freedom slogans and fired crackers in joy. As Pakistani batsman played winning stroke on the second last ball, slogans like “Allah-o-Akbar” and “Pakistan Zindabad” were heard from inside the houses and in streets at many places in the occupied territory.
In some videos, circulating on social media, youth are seen dancing, firing crackers while carrying Pakistani flags. There are numerous other videos wherein sky is seen lit with huge firework.
All this happened against the instructions of the Modi regime, who had advised the administration in IIOJK ensure that Kashmiris stay away from watching Sunday’s Pakistan-India match in groups.
Last year in October, many Kashmiri youth including students from IIOJK were arrested for hailing Pakistan cricket team on social media after Pakistan defeated India by 10 wickets.
Three students were arrested on October 28 last year for allegedly posting a WhatsApp status praising Pakistan players after their victory against India in a T20 cricket match. They were booked under sedition and cyber terrorism charges. The students had secured bail on March 30 from the Allahabad High Court but were still languishing in jail due to the non-availability of the local guarantors.