How can Imran Khan say in public whether an army chief is patriot or otherwise: IHC


Athar Minallah, Chief Justice (CJ) Islamabad High Court (IHC) has remarked how Imran Khan can say in public whether an army chief is patriot or otherwise.

He further remarked should the country be put at stake for the sake of games of thrones.
The court while wrapping up petition filed against the PEMRA orders prohibiting television channels from airing PTI chairman Imran Khan speeches live directed PEMRA to regulate it as per Supreme Court (SC) orders.
The petition came up for hearing before single bench of IHC led by the CJ Athar Minallah here Monday.
Barrister Ali Zafar appeared in the court on behalf of Imran Khan.

The counsel for PEMRA told the court issuing show cause notice was aimed at delaying speech.

The court inquired from counsel for PEMRA why don’t you implement delay policy.

The court remarked “ very responsible persons give irresponsible statements. You have to work as per law. The court will make no interference.

Counsel for PEMRA said our directives were not meant for some particular person.

The court inquired are you agreed over the last order of the court.

Counsel for PEMRA agreed with the court.

The court while moving to counsel for Imran Khan remarked “ the things be not made difficult. Irresponsible statement was given by your client too.

Counsel for PEMRA said SC decision is there for airing things with delay on TV.
Barrister Ali Zafar said what SC has said PEMRA has to do it.

The court remarked how can you say in public whether any army chief is patriotic or otherwise.

The court inquired from barrister Zafar Ali was the statement given by Imran Khan in the public meeting on Sunday constitutional and correct. How can you say while addressing public that any army chief is patriotic or not. You are going to what direction. Why you are causing harm to constitutional institutions. What type of statements you are giving, you are creating difficulties for yourself. What message is being given to world due to your this irresponsible statement. What statement was given in public does not fall in the ambit of article 19.

The court remarked every one is subordinate to constitution. Every one should take care of the constitution. If irresponsible statements like this are given then they will have their consequences. Let the PEMRA implement SC order.

Counsel for Imran Khan told the court PEMRA can not impose ban on airing the speech of only one person live

The court remarked how will the ban not be imposed if you give statements like this. If some one can say that the Pakistan army is not patriotic.

The court inquired why PEMRA did not implement time delay policy of SC.

The counsel for PEMRA replied we have evolved procedure for implementing the TIME delay policy sternly and have issued notices too; We will get implement policy. This petition be wrapped up.

The court further remarked do you expect that the court should give license on such irresponsible statements. What situation is going on in the country. Is the political leadership like this.

The court remarked all criticize if some one does illegal thing. Hold yourself accountable too that what you are going to want to do. You want what ever you say at your sweet will regulator should not regulate it. Don’t expect relief from the court. This is privilege of the court.

The court observed every citizen is patriotic. No one has powers to give this certificate. How can one talk like this about armed forces who are embracing martyrdom? You want to hurt the morale of the armed forces by giving statement like this.

The court further remarked if any justification can be given what was said on Sunday. Armed forces are rescuing the people at present. Can any one justify this statement. When you give any statement in public it has more impact.

The court while directing the PEMRA to regulate it as per SC orders wrapped up the petition.